Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fun Bucket!

A while back I saw a 5 gallon bucket that Melody Ross had painted and decorated for the clubhouse. I filed it away for future use. 
My trash basket in my craft room wasn't big enough, and my recycle bin was a cardboard box. They weren't working out for me. I found a couple of buckets that were in pretty bad shape. They needed this!
After scrubbing them for a very long time, my 4 year old grandson helped me paint the buckets. 
That was so much fun!
After painting them with acrylic paints I Mod Podged various papers onto the buckets. I used the glossy Mod Podge. 
This morning I decided I needed more, so I started doodling with my paintbrush allover the bucket. 
That was fun too! 
 These aren't supposed to be perfect. They're supposed to be just as they are!

 The pic below shows my grandson's artwork. He was straying from my direction, and I loved it, so I kept it :)
This is my other bucket. I'm not done with it yet. Not sure what I'm doing exactly, but it will be fun!
Thanks for stopping by! 
Have an awesome day!



I think it is fabulous!! And perfect just the way it is. I love that your grnadson helped you.


I am so glad I saw your bucket! I reuse my kitty litter buckets to hold cleaning supplies, for mop water, and even to store things in and I wanted a way to make it look like anything except for a kitty litter bucket!! I was going to put duct tape on it but I think painting and mod podging papers on it looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!