Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Personal and a Little Sappy

I have to get a little sappy today. This is the time of year that kids go back to school, and some kids go away to school. I have one going back to school, and one who left the nest. Cam didn't leave to go to school, but to Canada to play junior hockey. 
That's us together, at his graduation. 
I miss him. 
He is someone I really like.
He's not perfect, and he's a teenager, so there are those moments! But overall, I adore him.
I did very well, until he pulled away. 
That's when I lost it a little.
We raise them to be independent, right? To grow up, and to leave.
Then when they do, we are proud. And we know that is where they belong, living their dreams.
But, it doesn't make it any easier for us moms, does it. 
But this is the hardest part! This is what turns me into a puddle every time.

This is who he will miss the most, his nephew, my grandson Brayden.
This is what breaks my heart. They are VERY close. Brayden's dad is away, and Cam has stepped in as a very good male role model for Brayden. They adore each other. Brayden was trying to block the door so Cam couldn't leave, hours before he was leaving. 
He's only 5 hours away, so we will be visiting as much as we can!
It's not the same as being here though.
But how many people get to live their dreams? You have to do it when you have the chance. 
This is his time! 
He has always set goals for himself, and his teams. 
He wanted to win Silver Sticks (a prestigious international tournament), and his team did it.
When I asked him as a high school sophomore if he wanted a class ring, he said no, he wanted a State Championship ring when he's a senior. And the team did it!
He's always wanted to play junior hockey, and today he has his first official  practice as a junior hockey player.
I miss him tons, but I could not be any prouder!



awwww, you'll be alright mom! poor little brayden, that would make anyone cry! :(

lisa arana

awww, you should be proud. Sounds like you have a great son and he is following his dream! hugs.