Monday, July 18, 2011

Be Nice

I made this canvas for my entryway, for various reasons ;)
I love it! I had seen signs with this saying on it lately, and I knew it was perfect for us :)
 To start with, I Mod Podged a piece of an old pattern on the canvas. I brushed a little cream paint over it, but only enough so you can still see some of the lettering on the pattern. For the next part, I traced the awesome Cosmo Cricket Blackboard "Sweet Mix" chipboard letters (that I may never use because I love them so much!) onto clear Contact paper. I think I'll just trace them forever!
I cut them out by hand (this is where one of those nifty Cricut's would come in handy). Then I lined them up on the canvas and painted it. I used a crumpled up paper to blot some of the paint off. I wanted it to look old. Yes, that was on purpose :)
When the paint was dry I peeled the letters off, and was sooo excited! There was paint that seeped under the letters, so I just touched it up a little. The I outlined it with a black pen, and added a sloppy little shadow for some dimension. Love it!
I may sand it a little yet. I'm not so sure. If I do I will post an updated pic.
Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it :)
Have a glorious day!



I love this sign Toni ! Does it work? hehe

Bev's Wild Adventures

Trudy, I was going to ask Toni the same thing. Does it work? or does it work only after you beat someone over the head with it?